ANTA ARCHITEKCI is an original architectural studio. We’ve been creating individual designs since the beginning in 2003. We design various buildings and the harder the task is the more satisfaction we have. Fitting the form to the function, conditions of the area, regulations – those are factors which can complicate our work. But we always follow the Goethe’s line which says that in the limits you will find the real master.

We have developed our own style. Each project – house, office building, reconstruction – has the element of this style. Even though we are follows the trends we like to take a look into the past, especially to the good one which is timeless.

Of course… we make the projects with full documentation and fulfill all formal demands.

Of course… we make the investment estimate as well as we provide all investment matters on behalf of our clients.

Of course… our team is full of qualified specialists, because our job is very responsible. We have over twenty people involved in work on many different projects.

Of course… the architecture is our passion. It always was. Since 1994 when the first decision to start the study on architecture department has been made.

All those things are clear because we care about our clients and we respect their time. We would like our clients could be involved in work on concept and have time to realize their dreams. What we don’t want is that they lose time in queues in departments and offices. Thanks to this approach we have successfully made over thousands of projects in Poland, Wales, Austria and Italy.



Founder of the Studio, main architect.
He graduated the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Technology in Krakow in 2001. He also received the international diploma of Royal Institute of British Architects at the same time. From the very beginning of his professional work he is a member of SARP in Czestochowa. Co-founder of Young in Architecture contest in 2006-2010.